Genealogical tree - Total overview

Family tree with descendants of Claus Patscheider and my ancestors


To show a complete overview of such a complex tree on the internet is very difficult. The graphic above is simply a prepared screenshot as it is shown in my database of Kith&Kin. It shows both the descendants of Claus Patscheider in the left area and my ancestors in the right area.


Each gray box represents a family. On the bottom right you can see me with my wife Gertrude. Above me are my parents etc. The blue lines always lead to the male ancestry, the pink lines to the female ancestry. If you follow the blue lines starting from me to the left, you end up with Claus Patscheider born 1497, my oldest known direct ancestor. Exactly this line is the overlap between the descendants of Claus Patscheidt and my ancestors. The branches which can not be classified are single family groups which can not, or not yet, be classified in the whole family tree.


In my database currently 647 families with a total of 2,670 people are stored. Most genealogy programs cannot realize a freely scalable graphical representation of a family tree. The only such program known to me is Kith&Kin. With this program I also manage the family tree on my PC.


The goal is of course to make this family tree interactive, so that with a click on each box the data behind the family is displayed. But I am not so far yet.



General overview of the family tree, in the left part there ar the descentants of Claus Patscheider, in the right part are my ancestors - the both ends are ident. Each of the tiny black boxes represents a family with parents and children. If a male child has remarried, a blue line leads to the next box, which again represents a family. The female descendants follow with a pink line to the next family. The boxes are arranged in levels. Each level represents a generation.


At the descendants of Claus Patscheider are only the male descendants regarded or the female if they continued being called Patscheider after marriage.


The pink cross lines show that some female Patscheider married a Patscheider again. Most of them didn't know that they have been related to each other.


Interestingly, there is even a cross connection from my ancestors to the descendants of Claus Patscheider: Christian Patscheider zu Pedros married 1761 Maria Monzin probably a daughter of a brother of MONZ Maria born 1641 (my 7xgreat-grandmother!). Unfortunately the information about this relationship in the book of Dr. Richard Patscheider is somewhat contradictory! I hope that this representation facilitates the overview and contributes to the understanding of the family tree and the resulting difficulties of the representation.


The branches which cannot be classified are from the work of Josef Wopfner "Family tree Patscheider 1550-1920" manuscript no. 3992. Some of these "branches which cannot be classified" at that time I could integrate in the meantime into the total tree by merging this manuscript and the records in the book "vom Oberrhein zum Etschquellraum" with the help of the search functions of the modern technology, however, as clearly visible above, still some families and partial trees remain.