About me

How did I come to this? Read more about my sources, motivations and my ancestors.

My ancestors

My ancestors, on the one hand graphically (interactively), and on the other hand as a list.

Descendants of Claus P.

Here you can find all descendants of Clauß Patscheidt (b. 1497) clearly arranged as a list.

Complete family tree

Here you can find the whole family tree with over 600 families and basic information about it.

Photo gallery

Here I have summarized all photos to a gallery separately after maternal and paternal side.

Chamois coat of arms

The chamois coat of arms was awarded to Gabriel Patscheider on 1693 and is in my possession.

Lion coat of arms

The lion coat of arms was awarded to Gabriel I. PATSCHEÜDER in 1646 and is lost.

The "Patscheidhof"

There are several Patscheid farms. This is about the original Farm in the Langtaufer valley.

The Grossglockner Car

My father Irimbert once built a replica of the Grossglockner car which is now in my possession.