• Born: Aug. 21st, 1820 in Pfunds (Austria)
  • Died: Dec. 22nd, 1886 in Innsbruck (Austria)

Parents from Josef:

  • Father: Alois SCHUCHTER born Aug. 4th, 1794 in Pfunds (Austria)
  • Mother: Aloisia PLANGGER born Oct. 30th, 1792 in Pfunds 66


  • on Apr. 16th, 1849 in Pfunds with Maria-Magdalena MANGWETH 1823-1886

Magdalena MANGWETH

  • Born: Mar. 1st, 1823 in Pfunds (Austria)
  • Died: Dec. 27th, 1886 in Innsbruck (Austria)

Parents from Magdalena:

  • Father: Josef MANGWETH born Nov. 17th, 1793 in Pfunds (Austria)
  • Mother: Therese GREIL born Feb. 8th, 1784, Pfunds 17


  • on Apr. 16th, 1849 in Pfunds with Alois Josef SCHUCHTER 1820-1886


  • Adelheid SCHUCHTER 1854-1911, marriage on Feb. 9th, 1854 in Pfunds with Ferdinand S. PATSCHEIDER 1849-1897
  • Therese SCHUCHTER died 1937, marries Rupert Niederleitinger (the oldest wound doctor in Austria in Rohrbach (Upper Austria)) - no descendants!
  • Eduard SCHUCHTER, Father of Hedwig SCHUCHTER in Göfis, no further data available!
  • Josef SCHUCHTER 1862-1922, marriage on Apr. 11th, 1893 with Hedwig HANPOLTER born Oct. 11th, 1865 died 1951 (8 children, including Emil Schuchter the letter writer)
  • Anton SCHUCHTER, (father of Dean Oskar Schuchter) - no further data!
  • Johanna SCHUCHTER, marries the court official SCHAUER - no further data

(Author's note: my great-great-grandparents)


Excerpt from the Patscheider Chronicle (written in 1988 by Mag.a Giselheid Patscheider-Riedmann):

The Schuchter family is of Welsh descent and settled on the upper Rhone in Germany in the year 900. They remained there for centuries until their descendants emigrated and arrived in the Traisen valley via Vorarlberg in the 14th century, eventually settling in the upper Inn valley. One of their old houses with a free staircase to the high ground floor was the bell forge of the Schuchter family, a profession with a fairy-tale charm.


We still have an old death portrait of Josef and Magdalena Schuchter in our possession. The Mangweth family, an old family from the Engadin, is also known to us.


According to legend, Josef Schuchter fell into the raging Inn River during a mudslide. He was able to save himself by grabbing onto a barn that was swept away with him.


The couple had five children: Adelheid (who married Ferdinand S. Patscheider), Therese, Eduard, Josef, and Anton. Josef, who continued the family's bell smithy, married Hedwig Hanpolter, through whom we are connected to the Hanpolters in Salzburg. Anton was the father of Dean Oskar Schuchter, who had a close connection to our family.

End of chronicle excerpt (written in 1988 by Mag.a Giselheid Patscheider-Riedmann)

Excerpt from a letter (1957) from Emil Schuchter to his base (cousin) Giselheid Patscheider:

They (Josef and Maria Schuchter - author's note) ran a small farm and a mostly successful blacksmith's shop. For the most part, they produced bells and cowbells. This profession was practiced by the Schuchters long before and goes back to 1663 and 1559 respectively, always on the same estate in Pfunds.

End excerpt from a letter (1957) from Emil Schuchter to his base (cousin) Giselheid Patscheider (Link to the original letter as PDF)

Notes by Wolfgang Patscheider:

  • About the letter from Emil Schuchter to Giselheid Patscheider:
    • He writes: "..., so your grandmother was the youngest sister of my father Josef Schuchter. ..."
    • He further writes: "Their parents were Josef Schuchter and Magdalena Mangweth, so they were your father's grandparents and my or your paternal great-grandparents. ..."
    • But that means he is wrong about the base (cousin), it would actually be his 2nd degree niece!
    • This is also supported by his own drawing which he enclosed with the letter!

Schuchter - Mangweth


Memorial picture of the dead Josef and Magdalena SCHUCHTER


Magdalena passed away only 5 days after her husband.




Therese SCHUCHTER and Rupert Niederleitinger


Therese SCUCHTER (daughter of Joseph and Magdalena) and Rupert Niederleitinger (Austria's oldest wound doctor in Rohrbach (Upper Austria)). Dr. Anton PATSCHEIDER spent his high school years there, presumably the two also laid the foundation for his education!



Josef SCHUCHTER 1862-1922 and Hedwig HANPOLTER born 11.10.1865 died 1951 (8 Children)


Josef SCHUCHTER (son of Joseph and Magdalena)1862-1922 marries on Nov. 11th, 1893 Hedwig HANPOLTER born Oct. 11th, 1865 died 1951 (8 Children)



Dean Oskar Schuchter


Dean of Feldkirch Oskar SCHUCHTER (son of Anton SCHUCHTER, thus a grandson of Josef and Magdalena)



Letter from Emil Schuchter


Letter from Emil Schuchter (a grandson of Joseph and Magdalene) to his supposed base (cousin) Giselheid Patscheider as PDF