Wilhelm JAROSCH 1862-1947

  • Born: Mar. 5th, 1862 in Komorau near Troppau (CZE)
  • Died: Feb. 2nd, 1947 in Zell/Ziller (Austria)



  • on June 10th, 1902 in Braunsdorf (CZE) with Antonia E. ROSNER born Nov. 19th, 1869 in Braunsdorf (CZE)


  • Wilhelmine JAROSCH born Mar. 25th, 1909 in Troppau (CZE)
  • Willi JAROSCH born 1907 died as a child)

(Author's note: my great-grandfather: my fathers mother her father)


Excerpt from the Chronicle of the Patscheiders (written in 1988 by Wilhelmine Jarosch-Patscheider-Kniely):

Wilhelm Jarosch, born on 5.3.1862 in Komorau near Troppau, had to stand on his own two feet at an early age, because his parents Anton and Johanna Jarosch had five other siblings to support. This was not always easy, because as innkeepers there was often a change of location for his parents.


Wilhelm's wish for a longer school education was not fulfilled, so he came to the imperial city of Vienna at the age of 17 and completed an apprenticeship as a cellar master. After a few years of being self-employed, he leased the buffet of the Ministry of Finance in the former city palace of Prince Eugene in Himmelpfortgasse. He enjoyed these years in Vienna very much, they fostered his open-mindedness and his later always praised prudence. His brother Heinrich also came to Vienna for an apprenticeship as a baker; together we see them in a picture of the 1st Vienna Bicycle Club, to which both belonged as enthusiastic sportsmen. Thus he was able to fulfill his longing for faraway places and came, among other things, with his bicycle from Vienna to Venice, from there via Merano to Vorarlberg and across the Austrian countryside back to Vienna.


Double wedding on 10.6.1902 in Braunsdorf


Antonia Elisabeth Rosner, widowed tailor, marries Wilhelm Jarosch and Theresia Rosner marries Albert Krause, journeyman baker in the Rosner bakery. The dowry of the brides made it possible for Theresia to buy the Krause farm, which was mentioned more often later, and for Antonia Elisabeth to buy the inn "zur Piltscher Brücke" in Troppau, which had been leased from her father-in-law until then.


In the wedding party (second picture right) we still recognize the following relatives:

  • From left to right: Alfred Proksch, Milli Rosner, Josef Krause, Fini, Hans Rosner.
  • 1st row of seats: Aunt Mali (born Rosner), her sister Clara standing behind, bride's father and brother Anton Rosner, bride and groom Jarosch, bride and groom Krause, bride's mother Theresia Rosner, father Krause.
  • Lady with hat behind Wilhelm Jarosch his sister Antonie Proksch, behind the bride Theresia Mrs. Böhne, born Rosner, mother of Max Böhne from Vienna and the two similarly dressed girls to her right; in between Mrs. Rosalia Rosner from Aubeln, mother of Fritz, Max, Hans and Milli Rosner; her husband Josef in the last row behind the Böhnel daughter on the left.

After Wilhelm and Antonia Jarosch were able to purchase the inn "zur Piltscherbrücke" in Troppau partly with Wilhelm's own funds, but also with the bride's dowry, Anton Jarosch, who had been a tenant until then, retired.


The couple Jarosch had to work hard together, but with diligence and commercial skill they succeeded in making the inn a popular meeting place; partly to dine there well bourgeois, partly to cultivate sociability, be it at large slaughter festivals or cozy meetings of the local associations there.


In the yard of the family's property, there were stables and sheds where Fiaker Pfluger kept his horses and carriages. The adjacent picture provides a good representation of the situation at that time, with the married couple Jarosch and their first-born son Willi in the background. Despite their successes, bad luck struck the family, as their joy over Willi's birth in 1907 was short-lived. He died of whooping cough at the age of 10 months, a dangerous disease at that time.


In 1914, the First World War began. My parents leased their inn and moved to Braunsdorf. My father had agreed to manage the Krause-Hof since Uncle Albert was immediately drafted into the Austrian army. My father took on this task with his own enthusiasm, carefully leading the various groups of Russian prisoners of war to work in the fields. They and the local population respected him for his honesty, despite him being a city person. As a result, he was awarded honorary membership in the Braunsdorf volunteer fire brigade, among other things. In 1915, I began attending the local elementary school in Braunsdorf, and despite the war and restrictions, I greatly enjoyed those years. I always had playmates, and life in the countryside suited my nature very well.


In 1916, we returned to Troppau. My father had to run his inn himself again, as his tenant had to enlist in the war. It was a difficult time with a scarcity of food. We had to laboriously organize a barrel of beer from somewhere, which my father and I had to bring home with the ladder wagon through the city, as the usual means of transport with horses and wagons were being used for the war effort. The business was literally stormed - for a mug of beer!


End of chronicle excerpt Wilhelmine Jarosch-Patscheider-Kniely

Excerpt from the Patscheider Chronicle: (written in 1988 by Mag.a Giselheid Patscheider-Riedmann):

The Jarosch parents missed their only daughter very much, so after they retired, they bought a small house in nearby Grulich, a town just on the border of the Glazer Kessel, located in German Silesia.


End of chronicle excerpt Mag.a Giselheid Patscheider-Riedmann



Wilhelm JAROSCH born Mar. 5th, 1862 in Komorau bei Troppau (CZE)





Wilhelm JAROSCH and his brother Heinrich at the first Vienna Bicycle Club.

Wilhelm JAROSCH and his brother Heinrich at the first Vienna Bicycle Club. Wilhelm is the first from the left sitting, standing behind is his brother Heinrich



Double wedding on June 10th, 1902 in Braunsdorf

Double wedding on June 10th, 1902 in Braunsdorf



Willi born 1907 died at the age of 10 months from whooping cough


Willi born 1907 died at the age of 10 months from whooping cough



Photo from 1912 on the occasion of Wilhelm JAROSCH's 50th birthday.


Photo from 1912 on the occasion of Wilhelm JAROSCH's 50th birthday.

From left to right: Mother Antonia, Wilma and fsther Wilhelm



The Jarosch inn on the occasion of the opening


The Jarosch inn on the occasion of the opening. Antonia the 5th from left, and Wilhelm the 6th from left.