Josef ROSNER ∞ Theresia STARWARZ


  • Born: Feb. 4th, 1842 in Braunsdorf (CZE)
  • Died: Sept. 4th, 1929 in Braunsdorf (CZE)

Parents Josef:


  • Born: Dec. 20th, 1846 in Lobenstein (CZE)
  • Died: Sept. 4th 1929 in Braunsdorf (CZE)

parents Hedwig:

  • Father: unknown
  • Mother: Theres Starwarz born 1823


  • on Feb. 26th, 1867 in Braunsdorf (CZE) - Josef ROSNER with Theresia STARWARZ


  • Antonia ROSNER born Nov. 19th, 1869 in Braunsdorf (CZE)
  • Josef ROSNER
  • Theresia ROSNER (marries Albert KRAUSE)
  • Alois ROSNER

(Author's note: my great-great-grandparents: my father his mother her father his parents)


Excerpt from the Chronicle of the Patscheiders (written in 1988 by Wilhelmine Jarosch-Patscheider-Kniely):

The oldest picture we have of the Rosner family from Braunsdorf is shown above (here on the right), it was probably taken around 1885.

  • We see the master baker Josef Rosner (1842-1911); son of Anton Rosner (1815-1866) farmer in Braunsdorf and Theresia, née Schwarz (1813-1870). Josef Rosner was at the same time engaged in a brisk grain trade, the farm was leased.
  • Next to him sits his wife Theresia née Starwarz (1846-1922) from Lobenstein, who raised four children with great care, but also managed the bakery, as her husband was always on the road due to his grain trade.
  • Next to her mother Theres Starwarz born 1823 and behind the two women the eldest daughter and granddaughter Antonia Elisabeth Rosner (1869-1948), our later grandmother Jarosch.
  • We also recognize the brother Josef Rosner, father of Fritz Rosner, among others; the little Theresia, later mother of Othmar Krause and the youngest - Alois.

    Only these four children of a total of 13 children of the Rosner couple survived.

End chronicle excerpt





Josef ROSNER and Theresia STARWARZ with mother and children - photo approx. 1885


Josef ROSNER and Theresia STARWARZ with mother and children - photo approx. 1885