Claus PATSCHEIDT born 1497

  • Born: Mar. 17th, 1497, Langtaufers (South Tyrol, Italy)
  • Died: unknown


  • Father: unknown
  • Mother: unknown


  • on Mar. 17th, 1539 with Barbara WADELLER born in Nauders (South Tyrol, Italy)


  • Florian PATSCHEIDT
  • Paul PATSCHEIDT born approx. 1527, +1584

(Author's note: my 11-times-great-grandfather: always on fathers side)


The oldest known Patscheider in our direct line was Claus Patscheider, a farmer at Patscheyd-Farm. Most of today's Patscheiders can likely trace their ancestry back to him. Please see my list of Claus Patscheider's descendants.


Between 1300-1500, the Patscheiders migrated to the valleys of the Tyrolean Alps during the Frankish-Alemanic settlement wave and settled in the Reschen Pass and adjacent high valleys.


It is widely accepted that the Bavarian-Franconian immigrants established Patscheidthof in the Langtaufer Valley around the same time as the neighboring Gschwell, Grueb, and Wies farmsteads, all of which can be linked to Patscheider lineage.


In his book "From the Upper Rhine to the Adige Spring Region", Dr. Richard Patscheider provides detailed explanations about the various family clans of the von Patscheidt family, which were likely interrelated during that period.


Data from the following sources:

  • Handwriting 3992 national file of Innsbruck author: Wopfner: page 2, Gen. I, Nr.1 lead to:
    • Claus Patscheider at the Patscheidthof in Langtaufers
    • His wife Barbara N. according to country court Nauders
    • 17/3 1559 (64) 62 year old. Farm handover 11/3 1564 (29)
  • "Vom Oberrhein tom Etschquellraum" from Dr. Richard Patscheider (1967 Publishing house Robert Lerche, Munich) page Z8:
    • 1530 marriage with Barbara Wadeller (from Padöll)
    • Farm handovers of the Patscheyd-Farm: 1564 III. 11. (29§) Court protocol Naud. 1559 III. 17 (64): 62 years old - so born 1497
  • Estate of Oskar Patscheider from Lindau:
    • Marries 17.3.1539 Barbara N. (this could be the marriage date, the 9 could also be interpreted as 0!)

The Patscheidhof


The Patscheyd farm (also called Patscheidhof or Patscheiderhof) in the Langtaufertal valley. Photo around 1955

The Patscheidhof in Langtaufer vally. Photo approx. 1955