Anton PATSCHEIDT 1809-1889
  (Chancellor in Klausen - South Tyrol, Italy)

  • Born: Oct. 30th, 1809 in Graun (South Tyrol, Italy)
  • Died: June 12th, 1889 in Klausen (South Tyrol, Italy)



  • 1848 in Reschen with Rosina Maria WAIBL born Feb. 24th, 1814 in Fließ (Tyrol - Austria)

Rosina WAIBL born 1814

  • Born: Feb. 24th, 1814 in Fließ (Austria)
  • Died: in Pradl near Innsbruck (Austria)



  • 1848 in Reschen with Anton PATSCHEIDT 1809-1889, (Chancellor in Klausen)


  • Antonia PATSCHEIDER born Jan. 11th, 1842, +1914
  • Anna Marie PATSCHEIDER born Dec. 21st, 1844, +1910 in London (England)
  • Josefa PATSCHEIDER born July 1st, 1846, +soon
  • Ferdinand S. PATSCHEIDER born Oct. 28th, 1849 in Pradl near Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Rosalia PATSCHEIDER born Oct. 4th, 1851, died soon
  • Carolina PATSCHEIDER born Dec. 2nd, 1853, +Mar. 3rd, 1893
  • Amalia Johanna PATSCHEIDER born May 20th, 1856, +soon
  • Sebastian PATSCHEIDER born July 18th, 1839, +soon
  • Josef PATSCHEIDER born Aug. 4th, 1848, +soon

(Author's note: my great-great-grandfather always paternal)


Excerpt from the Patscheider Chronicle (written in 1988 by Mag.a Giselheid Patscheider-Riedmann):

The chancellor Anton Patscheider (1809-1889), son of Franz Patscheider (1773-1853), teacher in Graun and Elisabeth born Lechtaler (born 1771), marries Maria Rosner Waibl (born 1814), daughter of Johann Waibl from Fließ. This marriage produced nine children, five of whom died early of lung disease. The four surviving daughters are Antonia, married Matt (born 1842), Anna Maria, born in 1844, who dies in London in 1910, and Karoline, born in 1853, married to N. Zimmermann from Innsbruck.


End of chronicle excerpt (written in 1988 by Mag.a Giselheid Patscheider-Riedmann)



  • Manuscript 3992 National Archives Innsbruck according to Wopfner: page 38, Gen. X lists:
    • Anton Patscheider born 3/10 1820 (?+1888 as chancellor in Klausen?) marries Rosina Waibl
  • Dr. Richard Patscheider: "Vom Oberrhein zum Etschquellraum" page Z23, Z25:
    • 9 children, 5 or 6 died early from lung disease!
  • Ancestor passport Irimbert Patscheider no.: 32:
    • Born: 30.10.1809 in Graun
    • Baptism: 30.10.1809, Parish office Graun: IV/159
  • Ancestor passport Giselheid Patscheider-Riedmann:
    • Died: 12.6.1889 in Klausen

(Author's note: unfortunately, there are divergent birth dates between the ancestor passport and the manuscript 3992. However, it is beyond doubt for me that it is about the same person)