Moritz MAYR ∞ Hedwig SCHARL

Moritz MAYR

  • Born: in Sierning (near Steyr in Austria)
  • Died: unknown


  • Born: unknown
  • Died: unknown


  • unknown for both


  • unknown


  • Maria MAYR born Dec. 31st, 1880 Sierning (Upper Austria)
  • Dora MAYR born ca. 1884, marries Rudi REITERER from Pöcktall (Lower Austria)
    • She died of gallstones at the age of 35
  • Alois MAYR
    • Committed suicide by tapping the gas pipe in his apartment in Steyr (Upper Austria)
  • Emmerich MAYR, died approx. 1940 in Garsten (Upper Austria)
    • He fell from the Neuzeuger bridge into the Steyr river during the war after visiting an inn, was only discovered far below a week later and buried in Garsten.
    • He had two sons: Fritz and Emmerich. Fritz: Was born as the first child (still illegitimate) in Bolzano and is later married to a Platzer, he lived in Aschach an der Steyr" under the school. Emmerich: Attended the seminary in Lambach, but did not return home from WW2!
  • Josefine MAYR, marries SCHNABEL
    • Children: Kurt SCHNABEL born 1916 and Walter SCHNABEL born 1915

(Author's note: my great-great-grandparents: my mother her father his mother her parents)


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Scharl ∞ Mayr


Hedwig SCHARL and Moritz MAYR


Hedwig SCHARL and Moritz MAYR